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Can I collect my order ?

YES ! 
Please complete your order and select the 'I will collect' option at checkout. Once we have received your order we will be in contact to arrange a time convenient to yourself to collect your order

What is your delivery radius?

At the moment we are making in person deliveries within a 15 mile radius. If you are outside our area but would like to order please email us your enquiry at and we would be happy to help !

Can I change my dogs feeding from kibble to raw ?

YES ! 

It is never too late to make the transition over to Raw. 

There are 2 main approaches to the transition.

Stop dry food completely and start Raw at your dogs next meal.

Alternatively, you can introduce Raw by feeding 1 meal ( Raw ) and then the 2nd meal kibble until your bag has finished and you are ready to go completely Raw. 

It is important to do your research, but don't be worried it really isn't as complex as you think, we are here to help so any questions please just get in contact ! 

Can I get a regular delivery ?


Please use our subscription service, we can schedule you a regular slot to either deliver or collect so you never run out of Raw  

How much should I feed?

Puppy Feeding Guidelines

Dog Weight                 Puppy Feeding (4-6%) Daily Recommendation

5kg                               200 - 300g

10kg                             400 - 600g

15kg                             600 - 900g

20kg                             800 - 1200g

25kg                            1000 - 1500g

30kg                            1200 - 1800g

35kg                            1400 - 2100g

40kg                            1600 - 2400g

Adult Dog Feeding Guidelines

Dog Weight                 Adult Dog Feeding (2-3%) Daily Recommendation

5kg                              100 - 150g

10kg                            200 - 300g

15kg                            300 - 450g

20kg                           400 - 600g

25kg                           500 - 750g

30kg                           600 - 900g

35kg                          700 - 1050g

40kg                          800 -1200g